Pure Grape Wine

fortunately, today an ice storm decended upon athens and classes were cancelled so a guy on my hall and i decided to split this bottle up...the initial taste was pretty damn good...i got it straight out of the freezer and it tasted like alcoholic koolaid...i didn't mind it at all and neither did my friend...we drank the whole bottle in a few minutes...towards the end it started to get a bit rough...it was like drinking sugar water...since it was 20.1% we both got a little buzz on...more of a relaxation and a feeling of warmth than a buzz though...it was very pleasant and i think i might buy this thing again.

--pic/review: testrossa

Even more ridicolous then the difference between the red and white Red Roosters (the white is 'pure' while the red is not'), this one is just labeled 'pure grape wine'. Again, the pure is laughable, but i guess its only fair for them to leave the 'red' out since we can see that this is clearly red cough syrup, oops, i mean red grape wine [product].

Apparently this is made by the same people that make Red Rooster: both have the '21' in the name and both have the same motto on the bottle. This shit looks pretty vicious.

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