Red Grape Wine

This was the first ghetto wine I ever had. I remember getting this one with my friends on the last day of high school. I stole it and put it in my bag whiule my buddies distracted the dothead. We swilled it in an alley and it tasted very very good for a ghetto wine. I've had other ghetto wines since this so I know. It had a smooth cherry flavor and stayed cold throughout the drinkin. This is one that had to we sipped though. I had to take this one nice and slow. The end produced a nice buzz and this wine was cheap too....about 2.00....but I didnt pay it. 8/10 for the rooster for being a rare and ghetto classic. --lookin 4 a 40

Funny how the white wine version is labeled 'Pure White Grape Wine' while this one leaves the 'pure' out -- as if either of them are 'pure' in any way possible anyways.

red rooster was not nearly as strong as i thought it would be. i was very intimidated by the games most potent product at 21%. my friend was gagging on it a lil at first. me and him have sipped wine many times. we have drank gallons of arbor mist and smoked pounds of weed for a warm buzz. one time i came to his house and he had a bottle of wild irish rose. we all agreed it was foul. he had trouble with this but eventually finished his half. i drank my half easily. we drank it on the rocks. it was pretty cold but not freezer-ed.

--bottle from buzzcore; review: satan165

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