Red Rooster 21

I was not lookin' forward to drinking this stuff again, but sometimes ya' just gotta do what you gotta do. Last time I drank the Rooster, I chugged one of the giant 750ml bottles on an empty stomach right before meeting some friends at a Jose Tejas' resturant. Bad idea. I was found sitting in the bathroom an hour later. Not barfing or anything, just sitting in there hangin' out. The numbing effect makes you forget you have arms or legs, I guess? Also makes you forget what a clock is. It's what you want to drink when you've heard too much about equity indexed annuities and other financial jargon and you just want to forget. Anyway, red or white don't matter...............both taste pretty vile, but I usually drink the white which tastes more like a strong cheap table wine (as opposed to the red, which tastes like cooking sherry mixed with Vicks 44), like I did this time. It's a little easier going down but still needs to be ICE cold. In any case, it gets the job done...............but what that job is, you won't really remember after drinking it.

--pic/review: buzzcore

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