Johny Bootlegger
'Sing Sing Sour Grape'

First of all, Johny Bootlegger's has nothing to compare with US gettho wines such as MD, Cisco etc...

Bootleggers really taste like regular juice with alcohol in it, sing sing sour grape isnt an exception.

The smell; smell like regular grape juice such as Welch's grape juice or whatever brand of grape juice, can't smell the alcohol at all.

The taste; firsts sips are fucking sour, but after it goes down pretty easy, in my opinion, Melon is #1, Grape #2 and Apple #3

Buzz is like the other Bootleggers, they are all 12%

It's not the kind of drink I wanna get drunk with it

Bootleggers are always a good choice when you're already drunk and you need a little more buzz and don't feel like drinkin' a whole 40oz

What's next? I hope they gonna make some more flavors.

--pics/review: nitz

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