I have been made aware of many wines that people thought qualified as ghetto wines; however they were all crap and didnt make the cut in my book. Canada espcially has many 'cheap wines' that ALMOST qualify but not quite.

I was made aware of this product by someone in Scotland where it is sold. It's 15% alcohol and since as you can see it comes in the 'flask' style 375/750 ml bottles (and even the little 187 ml -- tho I was told they are no longer made in that size), as well as its % leads me to qualify it as a true ghetto wine, the first non-US ghetto wine on this site and therefore in existance.

In his words (via IM): "the thugs over in scotland are classed "neds" buckfast is a neds drink all the hooligans drink it lol"

He also told this: "there are tiny numbers on every full bottle if you get a number 1 then thats easier to drink an the higher the number the thicker it is"

Now thats ghetto!

The really crazy thing is that this stuff is made by monks and according to their site its like totally classy and legit, but according to my man in Scotland its exclusively drank by wastes and tastes horrible. Check out the main page on their site and they outline the lives of the monks and shit and how stuff goes down at the abbey. Who would have knows that a bunch of monks made the stuff? Anythings possible -- Mogen David is almost more famous for their Jewish table wines then MD...

--pic/info: boombox 2004

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