Cisco Blue Raspberry

heres white mike with the discovery voice mail.....

Tastes just like how I described the other cisco flavors. Melted candy that burns on the way down. This one burns more than the others. I like blue raspberry, but this stuff is a little to harsh. I just hope they didn't make this blue to try and compete with Hynotiq like the bling bling MD 20/20 was.

--pic/review: white mike

Heard the same hiss when I cracked this as the others. Tastes like a blue raspberry icee with vodka in it. This has a much different taste to it than the bling bling blue raspberry. This tastes a little more harsh but packs more of a punch.

I drank some out of the bottle and some on the rocks. On the rocks definitely tasted better and was much more managable.

I pounded about half the bottle before I went out to the bars and was feeling really buzzed by the time I got there. This tastes better than the green apple, I would recommend. I'd rate it a 4/5 for taste and 5/5 for buzz factor.

--review: ghetto wino

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