Cisco Citrus 20%

I found this stuff probably a few months back at a place called "Unique Grocery" near the corner of Royal and Canal in the French Quarter. Originally I was looking for some new 40s, but I found this instead. The place is a ghetto wine palace, containing numerous flavors of Cisco and this new breed. I noticed it was different because of the label and the percentage. I didn't think much of it though, since I figured satan165 had already seen it.

I checked when I got back and noticed that it wasn't on I figured I had found something, but I didn't want to make claims before I had solid proof. So tonight I went down to the place and got a 375ml bottle of this shit. They also had a 750ml bottle if I remember correctly.

This stuff is crazy. I've had some ghetto wine in my time, but this sauce is something else. The first and only time I'd had Cisco before this was some of the normal 18% stuff. My old roommate and I had been drinking and split a small bottle of it. It gives you a damn different buzz from beer.

I cracked open this shit while my friend and I watched some television. The smell is pretty atrocious. It has a heavy Thunderbird style alcohol odor. This doesn't surprise me because of the 20% alcohol content.

The first taste made me cringe. This shit is powerful. It has a nasty Citrus taste with an even worse rubbing alcohol after taste. I started feeling a buzz pretty soon after I started this shit. Granted, I got a pretty low tolerance but even when I pound 40s I don't feel a buzz THIS soon. For $2 this packs a hell of a punch.

After I got about halfway through the bottle I started feeling a classic ghetto wine buzz. My sinus area became numb, and I felt really warm. This stuff is a whole new animal. NOLA may suck on the malt scene, but we keep the ghetto wine game tight.

Almost done with this shit now. Damn, this shit is brutal. I feel like I've finished a 40. The taste hasn't gotten any better though. It tastes like poison! Tastes you by surprise? No shit!

Finally finished this shit. Good lord. I am pretty buzzed, but I'd much rather drink a malt than this shit. Ugh, vile as fuck. Anyway, this stuff is good if you need to get buzzed fast than a 40, or you just get tired of drinking malt liquor. Mad props to satan165 for maintaining and the rest of the 40oz crew. Peace out.

--pic/review: 40ozNew Orleans & symptom

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