Cisco Green Apple 18%

thanx to white mike for this variation!

heres his official announcement of finding this rare gem, on my voice mail!

I came across this while in the ghetto of Brentwood LI. Tastes very much like the other Cisco brands. Very sweet, with a slight burn to it, that goes away the colder this beverage gets. Drank it down fast and it provided a lasting buzz that was nicley prolonged with the help of 2 loose 50cent newports. This did make me very sleepy tho, and I passed out for an hour nap a few hours after finishing this.

--pic/review: white mike

When I cracked the bottle open I definitely heard a hiss. This stuff does smell a lot like green apples. I was going to pour it over ice but opted not to. The first drink caught me a little off guard and tasted very strong of alcohol. The green apple taste is definitely evident in this.

I drank this before I went to bed hoping to get a little drowsy, but after half a bottle I felt kinda dizzy, energized and very warm. If anything, it woke me up. I'd say the "liquid crack" myth is true. When I polished off the bottle the 2nd night, again I heard a hiss when I cracked it...weird. As far as ghetto wines go, I'd give this one a 3.5/5 for taste and a 5/5 for buzz factor. I'd get it again for sure.

--review: ghetto wino

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