Cisco Red

I finally got the balls to try the infamaous "liquid crack". Not knowing what flavor to get, I figured I'd try "Red"... I mean, how great of a flavor is that?! RED! It's a color, not a flavor! But halfway home with my new prize I realized that "Red" must stand for "red wine"... then I was pissed. Cause I hate wines, red wines, white wines, zinfandels, merlots, chardonnays, cabernets, etc... wine sucks. I knew Cisco was a "ghetto wine" but I was hoping for a fruity flavor. Ah well, I sucked it down anyway. And yes, the shit tasted like red wine. And to me, the malt liquor connoisseur who knows nothing about wine, all red wine tastes alike... all brands, from all years. I'd love to take a fresh bottle of Cisco Red & pour it into a wine glass, then serve it to a snooty "know-it-all" to see what they thought of my mystery red wine!

--New label pic/review: bruz

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