Refer to my "Thunderbird" ghetto wine review for the story behind this... I only swilled 1/3 of it, months ago, the rest of the 375ml bottle is still sitting in my fridge. Taste was "ok", but wore me down so much I just had to hurl up all the malt & wine sloshing around in my belly... I mean, fruit flavored malt + 2 different ghetto wines + some triple export malt liquor from the Pacific North West was not a good mixture of liquor. Of course, like all ghetto wines there is no warning about the bad taste on the bottle label. Even if there was, you would need perfect LASIK eyes or a magnifying glass to read the small print. The label is not meant to be read by anybody except may an eye Lasik Austin doctor who could use it in an eye exam test.

--pic/review: bruz

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