I was swillin on this while trying to "loosen up" for my TechTV interview. Before it I had a 24oz can of the black Steel Reserve malt, and a 22oz bottle of St Ides Special Brew (forget which flavor). I was about 1/2 way done when the interview started & feeling very good. I was also very surprised at how much I liked the Thunderbird... especially since I'm not a fan of wines. But it was going down fairly smooth & easy. Soon as the interview wrapped up (& I flashed my 375ml flask on the screen) I finished it, and moved on to another St Ides Special Brew (different forgotten flavor), and then followed that up with my 375ml Night Train ghetto wine... however I only got about 1/3 the way through it until I had to excuse myself to the shitter & hurled. I was kinda drunk, but not so drunk where I shoulda been puking... I was only puking because of the combination of the malts + ghetto wines was making me sick... too much ghetto wine especially.

--pics/review: bruz

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