Wild Irish Rose 'Red Wine'

750 ml

--pic: ypmo

I went with some buddies to the corner store and copped 2 of these. The korean guy suggested them to me and said "You wanna get high, drink this shit and smoke some weed". I also bought a OE tall boy. This wine was pretty shitty and hard to get through. But when I finally got through with it I had a good buzz. I decided to drink the OE tall boy on top of 1 and a half bottles of WIR. The buzz resulted in an overload. I got a weird buzz, it wasnt a fun buzz or regular buzz that I normally get. I ended up passing out on the couch. 6 outta 10 for this bitch. I cant think of anyone around here who really drinks this, no one.

--review: lookin 4 a 40

I just polished off this bottle and have never had this particular flavor before. I was pleasantly surprised. I was predicting something like the MD "Red Grape Wine" but this doesn't taste at all like that. It was much sweeter and smoother than the MD.

I like Wild Irish because it produces a nice mellow buzz relatively quickly without a harsh taste. This wine definitely did that. I'd give this one a 4/5 for taste and a 4/5 for buzz factor. Probably wouldn't buy again because I prefer the Wild Grape flavor but "Red" isn't bad.

P.S. Why does Wild Irish Rose have to be (at a minimum at least) 50 cents to $1 more than other ghetto wines?

--review: ghetto wino

1 L

A mighty big bottle of strong wine. I guess I could down this whole bottle in one sitting, but I think that would be a bit much. But that's the advantage of a bottle of this size. There is enough in it to drink on more than one occasion. A 12oz glass of this stuff right after a 40oz will put a drinker in a good place. And the taste of this stuff actually borders on being good. A very strong taste that makes you sip rather than guzzle. But the fact that its "wine" flavored rather than some melted candy like md 20/20 or Cisco, works to Irish rose's advantage. I would definitely keep a bottle of this in the fridge to drink when you need a little extra something to get you in the right frame of mind.

--pic/review: white mike

While there seems to be a difference of opinion in the other reviews about the taste of this wine, I doubt Wild Irish Rose is the type of wine you want to bring home to your wife or girlfriend with a bouquet of Avas Flowers. While most girls love to receive beautiful flower bouquets and roses from Avas Flowers online, the taste of this, and many other ghetto wines, may not impress them very much. If really impressing a girl is necessary, remember: Flowers - yes! Ghetto wine - not so much!

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